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Week of June 25-July 1.

Last evening in the family chat, Bryan suggested that I post my journal entries here.  I tho’t that was a good idea.  So i will do that.  Here is the one for last week.

July 3, 2017

This past week has been a very busy and eventful week.  Sunday was Stake Conference.  It was very good.  The speakers were excellent.  A young woman told us about her mission in Zimbabwe and a man told us of his family moving from Florida to Idaho.  Until they came to Idaho they had never heard of our church.  They were fellowshipped into the church and just recently went to the temple to be sealed as a family.  They were both inspirational talks.

Monday, I went to Apple Athletic Club for the first time in 969 days.  They is 2 2/3 years!  It was good to be back.  I do the 1:00 water exercise class.  Marsha, the teacher remembered my name!  I was impressed.  I could only walk in the water for 10 minutes before my left sciatic nerve stated really bothering me.  I leaned against the wall to stretch it out and then continued on with the exercises.   I tried to ignore it but soon was feeling nauseated.  Some fellows asked Marsha for a noodle so I did too.  I went down to the deep end and just hung there for a while, opposing the water with just my arms.  The pain completely went away after a short time of just hanging there.  I was so thankful for that.  I tho’t I would be exhausted after class but we went to Perkins to eat and then to Avon for some eyebrow pencils and lip gloss.  Karen Peterson was there.  We first met at EIRMC many years ago.  We ate lunch together and as we talked about our families, we discovered that her oldest son and my youngest son had very much in common.   We got them together.  The Petersons live in Shelley.  So it took some traveling…a little.  They stayed at each other’s houses a few times.  They did enjoy each other.  We caught up on each others families.  It was good seeing her.  She said to tell Richard hello but I don’t think I have done that yet.  I did sleep very well that night.

The next day, Tuesday, we went to the temple.  We did five initiatories, an endowment session and a sealing session.  I have had an urgency to get the Jensen family sealed since I found the documentation and sources for their family.  I had to do the work for the mother, the initiatory and endowment.  Since Bryan had finished the work on the father the Saturday before we were ready to seal the three children who had all died within 2 ½ weeks of each other plus two more children.  Two other children had been reserved by someone else and the work isn’t completed so we were unable to seal them.  We ate there after the sealing session.  We were in the temple six hours all together.  It was a wonderful experience.  I even got emotional as we sealed the children.  The parents had already been sealed.  I told my sweetheart that if my tears ran down my cheeks instead of out my nose, I would have had tears rolling down my cheeks as we sealed them.

Wednesday we went to Apple Athletic Club again.  I was able to last a little longer before I needed the noodle.  I have decided that after the FSL opens again, I need to keep going at least once a week.  I can tell I am really out of shape.  We ate out at the New Hong Kong afterwards.  I don’t think we had been there since I had been to AAC the last few times.

Thursday, we both stayed home all day long.  We cleaned out our freezer.  It was an all day job.  There was at least four inches of ice in it.  I looked on my phone and discovered that that would probably be the coolest day until next September or October so it would be a good day to do it.  It surely looks nice again after it is all cleaned out and put back together.

Friday, as I checked my phone that morning, I noticed a text from Kim stating they were up here at Gay’s.  They had come up for his 30th class reunion.  I told him we needed to leave by 12:30 for AAC and the 3:45 for Blackfoot then onto Pocatello so could the come see us about 10:00.  He texted back and wanted to know if that included breakfast.  I told his yes.  We treated them to a Burger King breakfast.  We visited with them for about an hour and a half.  It was good to see them.  It had been awhile.  We got caught up on their family.  We went to AAC.  I was out and ready to go by 2:30 but my sweetheart wasn’t ready for 15 more minutes.  I wanted to get our clothes washed and hung out before we left.   We got to Karen’s about 4:50 or so.   We got to Pocatello about 5:20 or so.  We went down to see Cheanna, Emma and Elena perform in their theater camp program.  They had been up here since the 24th and had been taking classes all week long.  They did a really good job.  They memorized amny songs and did a few skits.  They were fun to watch.  They all three had hats, and they were the only ones who did so they were very easy to pick out.  It was good to see Don and Cathleen too.  Don treated us at Arctic Circle afterwards.  We got home after dark.  My sweetheart decided to go in the back yard on the west side and pull some thistles.  He didn’t tell anyone where he was going and we spent 10-15 minutes looking for him.  He doesn’t wear a watch so wasn’t aware or thinking about the time.  That’s why we didn’t get home until after dark.

Saturday, we just took it easy for most of the day.  Then we went to Chloe’s birthday party for her 4th birthday.  Kylie and Gearen and children were there because Kylie is now back to work after Jayda’s birth and she was working.  Brittany was there with Olivia and Graeme.  Karen & Kent sere there and also Paul & Marie Chugg. It was a very nice party.  We were glad we went.

Sunday was a nice day.  We had good inspirational meetings.  I bore my testimony about family history and our experience in the temple Tuesday.  We had family chat with Bryan, Michael Téa and me.  It was short but sweet.  All in all it was a good day and a good week.

Experiences as a Personal Representative

March 4, 2015

I have come to the conclusion (and my sweetheart too) that there is no glory in being named executer or personal representative (they are one and the same) in someone’s will.  Someone has to do it but as I said, there is no glory in it.  It is a lot of hard, time-consuming work.   We met with Ryan Meikle, our attorney for Mom’s estate, last Friday.  Paul & Jerilyn came up and met too.  Ryan gave us the tax ID number so we could form an estate account….the Estate of Afton Christensen Robinson….so the funds from her stocks and banking account could be distributed to her children.   She had named Dad as her beneficiary.  And in the case of his pre-deceasing her, which he did, then Karl & Stan were named as co-personal representatives.  With us here in Idaho and Stan in Utah it is a pain because both of their signatures have to be on everything.  We went to lunch with Paul & Jerilyn at Perkins and had a very nice visit with them.  Then we went to the credit union to set up the estate account.   They told us that they did do estate accounts but Mom would have had an account with them in order to do it.  So we went to US Bank.  On the way there I was concerned that they would say the same thing.  I did not want to have to go to Grace where Mom’s checking account is still.  US Bank was able to help us.  Catrina set things in motion.  Karl didn’t have his driver’s license with him so we had to go back Monday with that.  It was good that we did it with the bank because there is a US bank in Roy, Utah, where Stan lives and Catrina was able to put everything on the computer and they were able to retrieve it in Roy and Stan was able to electronically sign it as Karl did here in IF and the account was set up.  Thank goodness, only one person has to sign the checks instead of both of them.

We met with Kelly Ovard  (I asked Kelly which high school he graduated from, he said Bonneville, and I asked him what year and he said ’81.  I asked him if he knew Bryan Robinson, he tho’t for a split second and said yes he did. And I told him that Bryan is our oldest son.  He seemed please to know that.) Monday afternoon, after we had lunch with Karen and then I had my hair done.  Neither Catrina nor Kelly had told us that we had to have the forms from Oppenheimer and Primemerica filled out before we went to have Kelly watch Karl sign the papers and stamp them with his medallion stamp.  That is even more impressive than a notary public stamp.  It means that he watched Karl sign the papers, that he is who he says he is, that he has the authority to sign as the personal representative, etc.  Since we didn’t have the forms, which I had had to call the separate companies and have them e-mail them to me, filled out, we came home and finished filling them out.  I got up yesterday morning and finished filling them out.

I talked to Lavell Rupp for the Oppenheimer, Brandon Mourton for the Primemerica, and Travis John for the W-9 tax form, yesterday before I had everything straight.  I had to do it instead of Karl because as we were talking to Catrina I could tell that Karl was very confused and could not keep things straight in his mind as to what he was supposed to do.   Altho’ I have seen a few times that he may be losing his memory (getting lost or asking which way to go when driving) this is the first time I have seen that his cognitive ability is really being affected.    It is kind of frightening in a way.   He does have Alzheimer’s/ dementia on both his Dad’s and Mother’s side of the family.  I think Stan may have some problems that way too.  Both Kathy and I have had to take the reins on this thing.  We stopped at the 1st street branch of US bank where we bank, and Catrina printed four checks for us so we could void them and send them with each of the company’s papers.  We went to the Family Search Library until a little after 1300 then went over and met with Kelly to get the papers stamped.  He also needed to see a statement for each of the companies.  The Oppenheimer statement had fallen out of our folder here on our table between the two chairs so we had to come back home and get it.   We were gone from the FSL for about two hours in all.  It was good to have it done tho’.

We were going to mail it to Stan on the way back to the FSL but then I got the tho’t that we were sending the original papers, which we had worked so hard to get all in order, off and I probably should make a copy of them before sending them off.  So we brought them home so I could copy them and we will mail them off today.   We will send it by registered mail.  At first I was going to e-mail the papers to Stan but then we decided to do it this way.  Initially, I had e-mailed the forms to Stan and tho’t he could sign his papers and Karl sign his, but we don’t want any confusion so we are doing it the way we are doing it.  Like I said before, it is a big hassle and having Stan in Utah and us in Idaho has added to that hassle.  It has been a learning experience.    Karl has thanked me many times for taking the bull by the horns and running with this and getting it taken care of.  I think he knows that he is having problems.  I am thankful and thank my Heavenly Father for my good mind and memory so I can deal with things like this, as well as working at the FSL.  May He continue to bless me so than I can continue to take care of our needs among other things.

Computers Are Wonderful But Can Be So Frustrating!

Yesterday was a big day. I tried to get my laptop going with my new wireless printer.
I couldn’t even get online. So I called Cable One and she told me modem was ancient and
if I would like to upgrade that I would need to pick up a new one at their center.
We had planned on going to the 3:00 temple session. Which we did, but left 30 minutes early
so we could stop and pick it up. The session was very nice. It was good to see the old film again.
It doesn’t last as long either. Which was good because I told Elder Sweat that we would go over
afterwards and help set up for the Christmas Party for the Idaho Falls Family Search Library which was
to start at 6:00 pm. Notice our new name. That is official as of this week. The dinner was very nice:
turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, ham, beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, rolls and pie. It was delicious.
Afterwards a group called the Stonebrokers—five men and six women—came and sang for us. Four or five songs.
I saw Robert Taylor standing back there. He was one of their basses. He and my sweetheart sang
in a quartette together forty years ago at least. His wife Tony was there too. It was good to
talk to them both. A couple from Bonneville High School did some ballroom dancing for us and then we sang
three songs with Anna Jean and Nona leading the way. It was fun and a very good program.

After we got home, Karl & I set up the new modem. It worked great! I can even use my old Hallmark Card
factory program that one of our computer techs there at the center put on my laptop for me. It printed
a card just fine. This morning when I first got up, I tried to get online and I had no signal. So I
called Cable One again. She suggested that I unplug the power cord for ten seconds. That worked for
five minutes. I unplugged and plugged for three or four more times and decided I wouldn’t be able to do
that the rest of my life. The printer wouldn’t work at all. It is a new wireless printer that I have
had since only last Monday. Today is Saturday. So I called again. A guy helped me this time. He said
since I have had so much trouble and this is my only service with them, he would send out a tech to see
what was wrong. So Bobby got here about 12:45. Much sooner than I had anticipated. I was told he could
come anytime up to 5:00 pm. Anyway, he changed the power cord. (The guy who gave me the new modem said I
could use the same cord with no problem. Well, it worked for maybe 20 minutes then went off line again.
I had just about had it by then. I called Cable One again and after the guy read all of the notes, he
suggested that I try plugging the new modem into a different outlet. I didn’t think that should make that
much difference but I finally did that and it has been working for about 1 ½ hours now. So I hope it is
fixed now. I was even able to print something too. I am trying to get my Christmas stuff all together and
it has been very frustrating not being able to do it. I hope it is permanently fixed now. When I have the
internet, my laptop works just fine. I’m thankful I got it a little over a year ago. Both of my computer
and printer were eight years old so they did serve me well. I’m planning on waiting till summer when the
Windows 10 comes out to get a new desktop computer. Boy, when you get used to having the internet and then
can’t get it, you feel really handicapped!

The rest of our trip to Phoenix

We got home about last night after sitting on the plane for a whole hour before it took off.  They said they had to wait for a map to be faxed to them before they took off.  It was disgusting, but what can you do.  We did the word jumble and read while we waited.  We left in 70 degree weather and got home to a “balmy” 12 degrees.  It had been -6 that morning we learned on the news.  It was still -4 this morning on our thermometer.   It’s supposed to get up to 26 today but I’ll be surprised if it gets that high.  Not a cloud in the sky.   It’s a beautiful day but cold.  We enjoyed the warm weather while we were there at Richard’s and Téa’s.

The dinner Thursday evening was very nice.  Darlene was recovering from gall bladder surgery the Monday before.  She was still very cheerful.  So Mike and his three children cooked the meal with directions from Darlene.  It was good to see them.  We had a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn, cranberries and pumpkin pie for dessert.  We enjoyed it very much and appreciated their doing that for us.

Friday was kind of laid back.  We didn’t do anything special but had lots of time to visit.  They introduced me to Bones.  I think it was a TV show at one time but had never heard of it or know which network it was on.  It’s about an forensic anthropologist and her time who work for the Jeffersonian Institute (a ploy on the Smithsonian Institute) and helps the FBI solve cases.  It has a pretty good story line.  We also watched some of Psych too.  It’s good as well.  They both are available  with Netflex.   We saw a lot of Phineus and Ferb and Agent P too.  Anya really like to watch that.

Saturday, Duncan, Cheanna, Emma and Elena had to be to the church by 6:15 am to go in and practice for the Cultural event that night.  They didn’t get home until 10:30 pm.  It was a very long day for them.  At first we were told that only visiting dignitaries would be able to see the performance live.  At first they said it would be piped into the Stake Centers, then they said no one had stepped forward to sponsor it so that wasn’t going to happen.  So we were content to be able to visit them for a week.   It turned out that Beehive Cleaning sponsored it and it was on Channel 13 down there.    (More about the celebration later).  Anya, Richard and I played a Memory Game.  Anya and I each got 7 pair and Richard got 20.  I was beginning to wonder if I would get any.  Altho’ I still have a fairly good memory, it isn’t what it used to be.   Then I taught Anya and Ephraim how to play Chicken Foot.  We played two games of that.  Then we built some domino trains.  It was fun for all of us.  Ephraim told me that he watches people doing things with dominoes on You Tube.  He showed me how you could make branches–not just single lines.  I found it interesting that he had done some research on that and knew all about it.

In the quiet times Dad read, I read too.  I had heard of the Giver by Lois Lowry but hadn’t read it.  They have the whole series.   I was able to start on the third book, Messenger and had read the second book, Gathering Blue.  They definitely have different plots but I enjoyed reading them.  I’ll have to get Messenger and Son from the library so I can finish the series.

The celebration started right at 7:00.  President Monson, and President Uctdorf and Elder Oakes and their wives were also there.  There were 4300 youth from the Phoenix Temple district area who participated.  They were divided into seven different areas, each with a different colored shirt.  The Robinson youth had on red shirts.  Richard & Téa saw Emma three times.  I did see her once.  And Téa was pretty sure she saw Elena.   They started out with a video telling about Phoenix and how it was named and settled.   A narrator said that an early explorer as he came into the valley picture a huge city rising out of the dessert just like a Phoenix bird as it rose from its own ashes.  It told how the Mormon Pioneers settled the valley.   It told of the five C’s for Arizona:  Copper, Cotton, Citrus, Climate and….                 It told of the growth of the Church there and who the first stake president was there.  It told of the Good Samaritan Hospital that had struggled and battled to keep the doors open to serve and help all who needed help even tho’ most couldn’t pay because of the great depression.  The man who headed the hospital went to the Stake President so see if he could lend him $70, 000 so he could keep the doors open.  The Stake President said he couldn’t but he would arrange a meeting with the Brethren and see what they could do.  He met with President Grant who told him they couldn’t lend him the money.  But he said, “We will give you the $70,000 as a gift so you will be able to keep the doors of the hospital open. ”  He also told him that the work he was doing was a great work toward helping mankind.  (not an exact quote.)   Anyway, I had never heard that story before and probably many others hadn’t either.  The church doesn’t advertise its good works.

Emma and Elena did three dances, the swing, the flag dance and The Armies of Helaman.    At the end of the flag dance they all ran together standing close together and raised their flags above their heads and there was the US flag waving in a breeze.  It was very impressive.  They honored all of the branches of the armed forces by singing their fight anthems.  There were four youth who represented each branch.  One was in dress uniform, another in camouflage, another in every day uniform and then one in there scrungies…very casual wear anyway.   They had each person there observing stand up when his branch of the service’ anthem was played.  President Monson stood up for the navy of course.    He pumped his arms in time to the music to Anchors Away.   President Uchtdorf and Elder Oakes wife stood up for the Air Force and Elder Oakes stood up for the Army.  It was all very touching.    They also had the full time missionaries march in carrying the flags of their countries (we assumed) singing called to serve with the youth joining in too.  It was also very touching.

We stayed up till almost 11:30 pm hearing about their day.  That was very enjoyable as well.  The Super Shuttle was to pick us up at 11:19 (2 hours before we were to take off) and he was 15 minutes early.  Anya, Ephra im and I taught Richard and Elena how to play Chicken Foot.  We were just getting a good start on the second game when the shuttle called to tell us he would be there in five minutes.    It took us an hour and five minutes to drive clear across the valley to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.  We were thro’ security a full two hours before we were to take off.  Then you add that other hour.  We could have gone to the dedication had we known, but how can you tell?

All in all, it was a very good trip.  We enjoyed being there.  Found enough to keep us busy doing various things and the food which Richard cooked for us was excellent as it always is.    We are thankful we were able to go.