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Computers Are Wonderful But Can Be So Frustrating!

Yesterday was a big day. I tried to get my laptop going with my new wireless printer.
I couldn’t even get online. So I called Cable One and she told me modem was ancient and
if I would like to upgrade that I would need to pick up a new one at their center.
We had planned on going to the 3:00 temple session. Which we did, but left 30 minutes early
so we could stop and pick it up. The session was very nice. It was good to see the old film again.
It doesn’t last as long either. Which was good because I told Elder Sweat that we would go over
afterwards and help set up for the Christmas Party for the Idaho Falls Family Search Library which was
to start at 6:00 pm. Notice our new name. That is official as of this week. The dinner was very nice:
turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, ham, beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, rolls and pie. It was delicious.
Afterwards a group called the Stonebrokers—five men and six women—came and sang for us. Four or five songs.
I saw Robert Taylor standing back there. He was one of their basses. He and my sweetheart sang
in a quartette together forty years ago at least. His wife Tony was there too. It was good to
talk to them both. A couple from Bonneville High School did some ballroom dancing for us and then we sang
three songs with Anna Jean and Nona leading the way. It was fun and a very good program.

After we got home, Karl & I set up the new modem. It worked great! I can even use my old Hallmark Card
factory program that one of our computer techs there at the center put on my laptop for me. It printed
a card just fine. This morning when I first got up, I tried to get online and I had no signal. So I
called Cable One again. She suggested that I unplug the power cord for ten seconds. That worked for
five minutes. I unplugged and plugged for three or four more times and decided I wouldn’t be able to do
that the rest of my life. The printer wouldn’t work at all. It is a new wireless printer that I have
had since only last Monday. Today is Saturday. So I called again. A guy helped me this time. He said
since I have had so much trouble and this is my only service with them, he would send out a tech to see
what was wrong. So Bobby got here about 12:45. Much sooner than I had anticipated. I was told he could
come anytime up to 5:00 pm. Anyway, he changed the power cord. (The guy who gave me the new modem said I
could use the same cord with no problem. Well, it worked for maybe 20 minutes then went off line again.
I had just about had it by then. I called Cable One again and after the guy read all of the notes, he
suggested that I try plugging the new modem into a different outlet. I didn’t think that should make that
much difference but I finally did that and it has been working for about 1 ½ hours now. So I hope it is
fixed now. I was even able to print something too. I am trying to get my Christmas stuff all together and
it has been very frustrating not being able to do it. I hope it is permanently fixed now. When I have the
internet, my laptop works just fine. I’m thankful I got it a little over a year ago. Both of my computer
and printer were eight years old so they did serve me well. I’m planning on waiting till summer when the
Windows 10 comes out to get a new desktop computer. Boy, when you get used to having the internet and then
can’t get it, you feel really handicapped!