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Our Phoenix Trip

We left home Sunday, November 9th to fly to Phoenix.  My visiting teacher volunteered to take us to the airport.  She will pick us up too.  She is very kind.  We were able to get in line to board as soon as we got there.  As we went thro’ security, Dad headed for the escalators.  While I was thinking, “I tho’t he said he wasn’t going to take the   escalator again wondering if he would carry the suitcase up the stairs, he fell.  At least he was only on the second step.  He said it was the suitcase that didn’t follow and pulled him back as the moving steps took his feet up thus causing  him to fall.  Someone immediately stopped the escalator.  I heard his head hit the floor, I didn’t actually see him fall because I was looking at my suitcase trying to get it situated so I could get on.  Two people were there to help him up.  It took  a  few minutes because he was in a very awkward position.  They asked if they needed to call the paramedics.   He said no, altho’ he ached, he wasn’t hurt bad enough for the paramedics to come.  A young woman showed us where the elevator was (we didn’t even know IF airport had an elevator) and rode upstairs with us.   She escorted us to a seat and told us she would pre-board us right after she put the people on in wheelchairs.  A man came to fill out an incident report. Dad didn’t even have a bump on his head, but he has been sore the last few days.  I encouraged him to take some ibuprofen both before going to bed and the next morning.  I think that helped.  He went out side and dug weeds in their back yard Monday morning so he could move around pretty well  once he was up.   It did hurt when he tried to turn in bed the first couple of nights.

A woman named Janine was there with Blue Super Shuttle to drive us from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport to Richard & Téa’s home.  She told us she is 55.  She was delightful to talk to and a very good driver.

It was sooo good to see everyone.  It had been 14 months since we had seen them.  I think Ephraim has grown the most altho’ all of them are taller.  Richard was just finishing up cooking a ham dinner.  It was delicious.   It was sooo good to see everyone.  Richard has been able to take off work except for Thursday because he had to appear in court that day but he was gone only about four hours.

The rest of Monday, we just enjoyed sitting and visiting until the children got home from school.  It was so nice to not have any interruptions and nothing we had to do.  Tuesday, neither Richard had to go to work nor the children to school.  So we all rode into Phoenix and visited the Hall of Flame, the firefighters museum.  It was very interesting.  They had on display the first fire engines that were first pulled by men then eventually horses.  They had fancy ones used just for show and practical ones that held a lot of water, etc.  In another part of the building they had motorized fire engines.  The only two things that I was aware of that would be in there for sure was 9/11 and the Varnell, AZ fire where 19 of 20 hotshot fire jumpers were killed in a wild fire in June of 2013.  They had a very nice memorial with a painted pony with a saddle with boots in backwards. (I understand that symbolizes a fallen rider.)  They also had pictures of all of the firemen and policemen who were killed that day.   For the Varnell fire they had pictures of all of the 19 and said that that fire is still under investigation and they would keep that site updated as to what they found out.  Afterwards, we went to China Chili to eat Chinese food.  It was sooo good.  We had house chicken, teriyaki chicken, walnut glazed prawns, plain rice and fried rice plus corn chowder and pillow tofu which was surprisingly good to us who haven’t experienced tofu hardly at all.   It was all so very pleasant and nice.  We got home fairly late.

Wednesday evening is mutual here.  Emma and Elena had a practice for the Cultural Event Celebration this Duncan and Cheanna are assistants to the people who need to help with the organizing etc. So they aren’t actually dancing in it.  They will be there, just not dance.  We will be able to watch it on TV.  At first we  didn’t think we would be able to see it because only the visiting dignitaries will be able to view in person.   But they are having it onTV and also showing it in the Stake Centers, which they said at first they wouldn’t do.

Thursday, we are invited over to Téa’s mom’s for supper tonight.  She is doing a turkey dinner so we can have “Thanksgiving dinner” together while we are here.  There is one house between the Robinson house and the Rydalch house.  More about that later.

The rest of our trip to Phoenix

We got home about last night after sitting on the plane for a whole hour before it took off.  They said they had to wait for a map to be faxed to them before they took off.  It was disgusting, but what can you do.  We did the word jumble and read while we waited.  We left in 70 degree weather and got home to a “balmy” 12 degrees.  It had been -6 that morning we learned on the news.  It was still -4 this morning on our thermometer.   It’s supposed to get up to 26 today but I’ll be surprised if it gets that high.  Not a cloud in the sky.   It’s a beautiful day but cold.  We enjoyed the warm weather while we were there at Richard’s and Téa’s.

The dinner Thursday evening was very nice.  Darlene was recovering from gall bladder surgery the Monday before.  She was still very cheerful.  So Mike and his three children cooked the meal with directions from Darlene.  It was good to see them.  We had a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn, cranberries and pumpkin pie for dessert.  We enjoyed it very much and appreciated their doing that for us.

Friday was kind of laid back.  We didn’t do anything special but had lots of time to visit.  They introduced me to Bones.  I think it was a TV show at one time but had never heard of it or know which network it was on.  It’s about an forensic anthropologist and her time who work for the Jeffersonian Institute (a ploy on the Smithsonian Institute) and helps the FBI solve cases.  It has a pretty good story line.  We also watched some of Psych too.  It’s good as well.  They both are available  with Netflex.   We saw a lot of Phineus and Ferb and Agent P too.  Anya really like to watch that.

Saturday, Duncan, Cheanna, Emma and Elena had to be to the church by 6:15 am to go in and practice for the Cultural event that night.  They didn’t get home until 10:30 pm.  It was a very long day for them.  At first we were told that only visiting dignitaries would be able to see the performance live.  At first they said it would be piped into the Stake Centers, then they said no one had stepped forward to sponsor it so that wasn’t going to happen.  So we were content to be able to visit them for a week.   It turned out that Beehive Cleaning sponsored it and it was on Channel 13 down there.    (More about the celebration later).  Anya, Richard and I played a Memory Game.  Anya and I each got 7 pair and Richard got 20.  I was beginning to wonder if I would get any.  Altho’ I still have a fairly good memory, it isn’t what it used to be.   Then I taught Anya and Ephraim how to play Chicken Foot.  We played two games of that.  Then we built some domino trains.  It was fun for all of us.  Ephraim told me that he watches people doing things with dominoes on You Tube.  He showed me how you could make branches–not just single lines.  I found it interesting that he had done some research on that and knew all about it.

In the quiet times Dad read, I read too.  I had heard of the Giver by Lois Lowry but hadn’t read it.  They have the whole series.   I was able to start on the third book, Messenger and had read the second book, Gathering Blue.  They definitely have different plots but I enjoyed reading them.  I’ll have to get Messenger and Son from the library so I can finish the series.

The celebration started right at 7:00.  President Monson, and President Uctdorf and Elder Oakes and their wives were also there.  There were 4300 youth from the Phoenix Temple district area who participated.  They were divided into seven different areas, each with a different colored shirt.  The Robinson youth had on red shirts.  Richard & Téa saw Emma three times.  I did see her once.  And Téa was pretty sure she saw Elena.   They started out with a video telling about Phoenix and how it was named and settled.   A narrator said that an early explorer as he came into the valley picture a huge city rising out of the dessert just like a Phoenix bird as it rose from its own ashes.  It told how the Mormon Pioneers settled the valley.   It told of the five C’s for Arizona:  Copper, Cotton, Citrus, Climate and….                 It told of the growth of the Church there and who the first stake president was there.  It told of the Good Samaritan Hospital that had struggled and battled to keep the doors open to serve and help all who needed help even tho’ most couldn’t pay because of the great depression.  The man who headed the hospital went to the Stake President so see if he could lend him $70, 000 so he could keep the doors open.  The Stake President said he couldn’t but he would arrange a meeting with the Brethren and see what they could do.  He met with President Grant who told him they couldn’t lend him the money.  But he said, “We will give you the $70,000 as a gift so you will be able to keep the doors of the hospital open. ”  He also told him that the work he was doing was a great work toward helping mankind.  (not an exact quote.)   Anyway, I had never heard that story before and probably many others hadn’t either.  The church doesn’t advertise its good works.

Emma and Elena did three dances, the swing, the flag dance and The Armies of Helaman.    At the end of the flag dance they all ran together standing close together and raised their flags above their heads and there was the US flag waving in a breeze.  It was very impressive.  They honored all of the branches of the armed forces by singing their fight anthems.  There were four youth who represented each branch.  One was in dress uniform, another in camouflage, another in every day uniform and then one in there scrungies…very casual wear anyway.   They had each person there observing stand up when his branch of the service’ anthem was played.  President Monson stood up for the navy of course.    He pumped his arms in time to the music to Anchors Away.   President Uchtdorf and Elder Oakes wife stood up for the Air Force and Elder Oakes stood up for the Army.  It was all very touching.    They also had the full time missionaries march in carrying the flags of their countries (we assumed) singing called to serve with the youth joining in too.  It was also very touching.

We stayed up till almost 11:30 pm hearing about their day.  That was very enjoyable as well.  The Super Shuttle was to pick us up at 11:19 (2 hours before we were to take off) and he was 15 minutes early.  Anya, Ephra im and I taught Richard and Elena how to play Chicken Foot.  We were just getting a good start on the second game when the shuttle called to tell us he would be there in five minutes.    It took us an hour and five minutes to drive clear across the valley to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.  We were thro’ security a full two hours before we were to take off.  Then you add that other hour.  We could have gone to the dedication had we known, but how can you tell?

All in all, it was a very good trip.  We enjoyed being there.  Found enough to keep us busy doing various things and the food which Richard cooked for us was excellent as it always is.    We are thankful we were able to go.